Home Staging

Research shows that home staging is a smart return on your investment. Staged homes not only elicit better offers, they usually sell faster, too.

Home Staging is based on the principle that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Our home staging can greatly increase the perceived value of a home from the first moment a prospective buyer steps in the door.

Do a little or go all out. We can use your furnishings and accessories, add some things to what you have, or go the whole nine yards, bringing in all of our own items to showcase your home.

Checklist and Color Assessment

This will save your sanity. It includes a room-by-room itemization of what to keep, what to relocate or store, and what to paint. We put everything into writing for you, providing a complete checklist of what needs to be done before the house goes on the market. You can stop here, but most of our clients prefer to make it the first step in any one of our staging services below.

Re-style Staging

We completely restyle the home using all of the seller’s own furnishings and accessories. The results are so extraordinary, this often leads to the seller’s telling us, “Oh my gosh, I wish we had my home styled while we were still living here.” See Move-In Home Styling below….

Vignette Staging

Even the nicest home can use a little touch up. This includes light furniture and accessories from our inventory, in addition to using furnishings that the seller already owns. It’s like putting yourself in the hands of an expert makeup artist—it’s you, only prettier. For an empty house this would mean using very light furnishings and accessories from our inventory to give any space that extra pizzazz.

Complete Staging

We pull out all the stops and arrive with a truck full of gorgeous furniture, art and accessories to transform any or all areas of the home. Guaranteed to create the “welcome home” feeling all home shoppers are yearning for.

Move-In Styling

Why wait until you sell to make your new home beautiful? We tastefully arrange all of the furnishings in your new home, and will even go out for you and find new items for things you need to add or replace. Think of this as the “life is short, eat dessert first” school of design.

Commercial Staging

Use our expert staging to inspire buyers in your model units for condos and homes, or offer a more gracious welcome in lobbies and leasing offices. Whatever space you have, we can make it more functional and beautiful. This could be a temporary or permanent installation.