René Oughton and Lisa Fauvre Harris of Switch It Up in Seattle.

We’ve always had a passion and an innate talent for design, so when we started Switch It Up, our Seattle Home Styling and Staging business in 2005 we were creating our own dream jobs. We wake up every day knowing how lucky we are to be doing what we love.

You won’t find a better design team in the Seattle area. We have years of combined experience in Interior Design, Home Styling and Staging, as well as extensive formal training in the design industry. We bring a keen eye for balance, color and design to everything we do.

One of us loves traditional and the other is totally modern. Somehow, this collaboration of opposites makes everything click. It’s a gestalt thing—a creative force greater than the sum of its parts.

Our calm approach and excellent listening skills will help you feel at ease from the very beginning of your design project. We feel confident that you will find our Home Styling and Staging services helpful and rewarding.